Propane Torch

By shaping your beads with a torch that you can operate using only propane gas, you will have the opportunity to observe the extraordinary effects of this application. The fact that you don't need [O2] source during your work, and it will give you great comfort.

In the glass business, the flame and heat source torch operating with gas fuel; colored or colorless glass tubes and sticks are used to achieve the consistency to be shaped by heating. Melting point glass is shaped by blowing method or by using various hand tools and put into desired form.

STIP Conkinect torches work with propane gas only, working pressure between 2.5 bar and 4 bar. The regulator and the gas connection hose are included in the torch package.

Propane torch is a STIPGLAS product with Conkinect™ brand and brass body. For more information, please visit