Front Loading Gas Kilns

Gas-fired kilns are accepted in a long-lasting and durable kilns group, and they are used to fire hard ceramic and porcelain structures under oxidative and reductive atmospheres.

The front loading gas kilns are ideal for reducing the high energy costs in places where intensive production is performed.

The front loading gas kilns can work with any of three different types of fuel, LPG, propane and natural gas. Fuel type should be determined at the demand stage before production of kiln.

Front loading gas furnaces with a capacity of 1000 liters and above have a car at the bottom (bottom car type ) and are clasified as chamber type kilns. Depending on the production density, the cars of gas-fired kilns are also organized as in the shuttle form. In capacities below 1000 lt, the use of cars is depend on request. For industrial applications, please visit our Vesta brand.

For detailed information please refer to the "Technical Specifications" tab.