Standard Series | Front Loading

Standard series front loading electric kilns in studio group are classified as medium-sized kilns. They are meets the needs of most of the workshop or studio. In addition to that, they are also preferred by educational propose (in high schools, and at universities, e.g)

Electric kilns in this group are available with 1200 ºC and 1300 ºC temperature options. The 1200ºC electric kilns are suitable for ceramic, decor, pottery and tile firing. The 1300ºC electric kilns are suitable for porcelain, porcelain, ceramic, decor, pottery and tile firings.

The front-loading electric kilns of the studio group are offered with capacities of 400 lt, 500 lt, 600 lt, 800 lt and 1000 lt. Special capacities are made on request. For larger capacities or industrial applications, please visit our Vesta brand website.

The product is ergonomic in terms of placement and unloading.

For detailed information please refer to the "Technical Specifications" tab.